The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race

Authorized Reps

We have set up this page in order to protect the reputation and insure the integrity of the Alaskan Wet Dog Race. We are in the process of a TV production and it is important for the networks being approached to know that there are only a few individuals authorized to speak about the production of the Alaskan Wet Dog Race.
If you are a network and are being approached concerning The Alaskan Wet Dog Race, and the person contacting you is not listed here on this page, stop all communication with them and report them to us by sending a note to Please include the name and contact information of the person who is or has contacted you.

Businesses or individuals who are being approached to buy a listing space on the Alaskan Wet Dog Race website should check here to see if the person representing The Alaskan Wet Dog Race website is indeed authorized to making such sales.

At no time should the sales person take money for the listing, as all listing transactions will be done online.

Each sales person should be able to show you an official Wet Dog Race Business card as well as have a Wet Dog Race e-mail address.
At no time should any e-mail communication that deals with the AWDR business issues be sent to anyone’s personal e-mail.


The official Snail Mail address is:

The Alaskan Wet Dog Race
1231 W. Northern Lights Blvd # 560
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


The following are authorized representatives of the Alaskan Wet Dog Race:

John Lang: Founder of the event and CEO of Lang Enterprise Inc.
(Authorized in every aspect of the event)
E-mail”, Cell Phone: 907-250-6965

Tom Krueger:  VP of Sales and International Good Will Ambassador
(Authorized in Film and TV Productions discussions, Business Directory Sales, All event promotional aspects, Authorized Spokesperson and Public Relations)

Char McClellend: Authorized Representative and Owner of “Alaskan Destinations” (a logistics and event coordinating company)
(Authorized in Sponsorships, Business Directory Sales, and Logistical Coordination)


In Sales:

Business’s that are already listed in our business directory are authorized to refer other business to the directory.


Lori Chettfour: Independent Sales Representative.
E-mail: (Authorized in Business Directory Sales, Shirt Sales)


Jan Engwer: Independent Sales Representative.

Phone (208)-699-6627

E-mail: (Authorized in Business Directory Sales, Shirt Sales)

In Administration:

Donna Jefferies: Office Manager


(Authorized in Business Directory Sales and Office Administration issues)

Shilo Miller:  Administration support


(Authorized in dealing with “Letters of Intent”)

Suzanne Rouse:  Administration support


(Authorized in dealing with “Letters of Intent”)

Others will be added as necessary.

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