The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race


Staging  and Resource Locations

  1. Anchorage

The Proposed Race Course Checkpoints

  1. Whittier
  2. Valdez
  3. Cordova
  4. Chenega (Removed from Proposed Checkpoints 1-4-12)
  5. Seward
  6. Port Graham
  7. Anchor Point
  8. Kenai
  9. Williams Port
  10. Port Williams
  11. Kodiak
  12. Old Harbor
  13. Larsen Bay
  14. Alitak
  15. Chignik
  16. Perrryville
  17. Sandpoint
  18. Kingcove
  19. Cold Bay
  20. False Pass
  21. Port Moller
  22. Port Heiden
  23. Egegik
  24. Naknek
  25. Igiugig
  26. Iliamna

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