The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race

Loyalty Program Resources

Our Loyalty Rewards Program Resources


1: (search the main site for merchants all over the world)

2:  (Two minute Sizzle Video) Good for basic Introduction Website to Lyoness. (Corporate sponsored)

3: (17 minute high level overview) good for new members to be introduced to it the “Business” portion of Lyoness.  (Corporate sponsored)

4:  (about 15 minute video – Corporate Sponsored) – For business’s who may want to become a Merchant.

DO NOT try to get stores like Fred Myers, Wal-Mart, etc. Corporate will work on those businesses.

Lyoness Members may introduce the Lyoness Loyalty Program to Small Medium Enterprises (SME). Those are business’s that have less than 10 store fronts and less than 100 employees at each location.

 For Business Builders – Good TRAINING SITES  For IN-DEPTH training use the following sites.   LEARN at your own PACE. 


5:  On this site you will have access to Training Videos- Audio Calls-Event Calendar- and current passwords for all the training sites and years of Audio Recordings of the “TIP OF THE DAY” calls. Account Creation Password: (for this password text or call 001-907-250-6965) or Contact your recommender.

YOU MUST BE A LYONESS MEMBER TO JOIN THIS SITE.  (This is a private site (NOT LYONESS CORPORATE) it was created by our Leader Stephanie Neilson so we could have access to training that has never been available to the rest of the world.  If you have issues on this site do not contact Lyoness Corporate contact

6:  this site is where site is transitioning to soon. Get the info while you can.  Join this site and you will have access to all kinds of other training information.  Dr Rick has a good video on this site that goes over all 10 benefits and the compensation plan. 

7:  – Videos (Not Corporate Sponsored) covers Lyoness Biz info1 and Biz info2 – current password is found on the first page of

TIP OF THE DAY Calls:  Always JOIN Stephanie every Monday night. Our new team training call will be Monday evenings: 5PM AST 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9 pm EST
PHONE NUMBER:  559-726-1200   Access Code: 198242# If you missed the call, listen to the recorded version available right afterwards for one week at: 559-726-1299 Access Code 198242#

Expect announcements, the latest company information and education. 

FACEBOOK Group: mycashbackstart , Ask your up-line to invite you into the group.

SMARTPHONE: Download the Lyoness Mobile App


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