The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race

Entry Fees

It is important to know what the entry fees are going cover. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Entry Fee covers the following for each team member:

Items on this list will not be taken away but other items may be added later as negotiations

with suppliers continue.  If it is not on this list, the event is not going to be obligated to supply it. 

  • Fuel (Standard Octane only!) (During the event for the entire course. (NOT practice fuel before, during, or after event))
  • Food (During the event including training classes)
  • Rooms (During the event including training classes)
  • (1) Dry suit
  • (1) Float Coat
  • (1) Satellite Phone (Rental)
  • (1) Waterproof Marine Handheld VHF Radio (Rental)
  • (1) Personal Locator Beacon (Rental)
  • (1) Location Transponder on PWC (Rental) 
  • Transportation (In Anchorage before during and after training classes) 
  • Transportation of, handling, and storage of PWC before, during, and after event while it is in Alaska 
  • Transportation of rider from anywhere on event course back to Anchorage 
  • Transportation of PWC back to Anchorage from anywhere on event course 
  • Shuttle services at checkpoints when available in those checkpoints 
  • Safety support boats
  • Interpreter and or chaperones if needed during the event while in Alaska
  • Spill response kits
  • Safety support boats
  • Bottled drinking water at checkpoints
  • Spare batteries for marine handheld VHF radios
  • “Sponsorship” packages material *
  • Miscellaneous fees associated with event
  • Tunnel
  • Launching
  • Harbor fees at checkpoints
  • State of Alaska temporary boating permit
  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Clean up boats and or barges

Entry Fee:  Currently is set at  $35,000.00  per racer. (Updated 9-21-12)

We have added the cost or room and board for each team member and the current cost of fuel at each of the checkpoints  which has increased the entry fee from what was originaly estimated at  $25K to $30K.  

As sponsors are secured and contracts signed, AKWDR will work to lower the registration cost. In the event that occurs, any registered racers already paid in full will receive a credit or refund for the difference.

* SPONSORSHIP:  AKWDR will provide a template for registered riders to assist with securing sponsorships for those choose to take advantage of that process. See the SPONSORSHIP page for additional information. This assistance is only available to registered riders who have paid the $10,000.00 deposit.

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