The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race

About The Race


The Alaskan Wet Dog Race is the longest Personal Watercraft (PWC) Endurance Race in the world. For those who are not familiar with what Personal Watercraft are sometimes they a referred to as “Jetskis”, “Seadoos”, or “Wave Runners”.  Essentially we are talking about small boats that are ridden “ON “rather than “IN”
Here are a couple pictures to show you what we are talking about!

This is a Seadoo type PWC in the ocean of Prince William Sound In AlaskaThis is a Seadoo type PWC in Alaska's Prince William Sound in the winter.

Traditionally up till now PWC Races have and are always on lakes and rivers. They are closed course loops around buoys and the first across the finishing line wins.

Things are about to change! The Alaskan Wet Dog Race is taking PWC racing to a entire new level of extreme and is changing the entire belief that PWC can only operate in a river and or lake.

Ocean riding is where it’s at. We are busting the paradigm that PWC are only “thrill craft” and are river or lake locked.

Team Info:

  1. A team consists of two competitors each riding their own personal watercraft. No single person teams will be permitted.
  2. Two team members must travel together through the entire race course.
  3. If one team member either quits or is disqualified, both team members are then out of the race.
  4. Each team may have a pit crew of up to two  people.  A pit crew is not required but is recommended.
  5. Pit crew expenses are not a part of the registration fee. Pit crew members will be able to take advantage of the contracted hotel rates, vehicle rental rates and airfare discounts provided space or inventory is available.
  6. Both team members must arrive in Anchorage in time to attend the mandatory pre race safety courses, seminars, and do the equipment safety check. A list of mandatory safety equipment will be provided to all racers when they register. For the safety of all racers and the support staff and volunteers, competitors who do not meet those requirements will not be permitted to race.