The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race


Update 2-1-14

First: We have decided to push out  the start of the event until May 1 of 2015 so you all can relax just a little bit. BUT ITS TIME TO GET READY!


Second: We are accepting Pre-registrations for the event and Pre-registration is FREE.
No Payment is required for Pre-registration.

Pre- Registrations will give you a Free Membership to the worlds largest Cash Back Loyalty rewards program.


 The Alaskan Wet Dog Race is proud to be Lyoness Loyalty Merchant #11101705.

As a member of  this loyalty program, not only will you benefit with us when you compete in The Alaskan Wet Dog, you will also be able to get cash back from more than 29,000 Merchants, spanning 45 Countries and growing everyday.

If you are from the following countries, you will be able to pre-register and participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.

Please Note: When the new window opens up look for the “Join Lyoness” Link on the right side of the page under the Profile section


1: Austria,  2: Lithuania,   3: Belgium,   4: Macedonia,   5: Bosnia and Herzegovina,   6: Montenegro,   7: Bulgaria,

8: Netherlands,    9: Croatia,   10: Norway,   11: Cyprus,   12: Poland,   13: Czech Republic,   14: Portugal   15: Denmark,

16: Romania,   17: Estonia,   18: Serbia,   19: Finland,   20: Slovakia,   21: France,      2: Slovenia,   23: Germany,

24: Spain,   25: Greece,    26: Sweden,   27: Hungary,   28: Switzerland,   29: Ireland,   30: Turkey,   31: Italy,

32: United Kingdom,   33: Latvia    

North and South America:

34: Brazil   35: United States of America   36 Canada

Asia and Oceania:

37: Australia,   38: New Zealand,   39: Hongkong,   40: Philippines,   41: Macao,   42: Thailand

Africa and Middle East:

43: Qatar,   44: United Arab Emirates,   45: South Africa


If you are wanting to pre-register for the event and you are not from one of the 45 countries above,

Pre-register here by sending an email to Pre-register

If you are already a member of the Lyoness Loyalty Program?

Pre-register for the event here.  Pre-register

We are very  proud  and excited to be participating in this Lyoness Loyalty Rewards Program because it is something that can benefit everyone the world over.   The SOONER you Pre-register, The SOONER you can Benefit.

Register Now!

Click on one of these links below to register for the event.


We will give you the details with all benefits and advantages  as soon as  you are pre-registered.


Update 9-22-12

We have set the date for the first event,

It is going to happen on May 1 2014. Keep checking back. We will begin accepting applications for the event on January 1 2013.



Update 9-20-12

We Updated the Entry Fee page to reflect what it will include. We have added to the list Room and Board during the event for the riders. The Entry fee is set at $35,000 per person which went up due to the Room and board and the extra cost of fuel now at each checkpoint.

We are in the process of setting up a Members only section on the site that will be a Paid Members section. This will all be explained soon. We will NOT be at Lake Havasu this year because we are focusing on finalizing our rules and entry applications.


Update 6-27-12

Looks like we made the news.



Update 5-12-12

We updated some information on the Chenega checkpoint page and also on the Anchor Point checkpoint page.

We know everyone wants to know when we are going to have this event. At this time this is where we are. We are still waiting on a permit from DNR before we can move forward. DNR is and has been conducting an extensive amount of scrutiny on our event. Never before in all of the permits that DNR processes has there been more attention dedicated to the details of the process than with The Alaskan Wet Dog Permit. When most other permits are processed it only takes 30- 60 days after application. Our event has now been in the process of just over one year and one month.

At this point it is questionable if the state will even permit this event. All we can do is wait to find out and DNR is not able to provide us a timeline when they believe they will be able to make a decision.  As soon as we know something we will let everyone know. Thank you all for your patience as we work through this myriad of permits and processes.


Update 1-5-12

We are getting some articles coming out in the news over the last week or so talking about the event.

KDLG  Public Radio in Dillingham Station has this published. Look for the Listen Link at the bottom of the Article‘alaskan-wet-dog-race’-set-for-2013/

By Daysha Eaton, KDLG – Dillingham | December 30, 2011 – 4:51 pm

The Readout Reporter

More to post as they come out.



Update 12-12-11

Added another Video called  “The Alaskan Wet Dog Race Teaser 2” to the “Proposed Course / Home Page” and to the bottom of  the “Video Page“.


Update 12-9-11

We added a photo page that is found under the “Video” page link. If you mouse over  the “Video” Link in the Naviagation Bar the “Photo” Link will show up as a Drop  Down  and you can click it or skip all of that and just click here to take you to the photos.

What we have so far is a slide show that will play photos. Let us know if it does not work for Ipads and Iphones. We suspect that it wont because the slide show is powered by “Flash” and we all know how well Ipads and Iphones like Flash…. Right?


Update 12-6-11

Today we added a few videos to the site in the “Video Section“. All the new videos are added to the bottom of the page. Be sure to check them out.

We are going to be adding pictures soon from our Lake Havasu trip in October.  Keep checking back.


We also added a “Tracking” page that has the ION Earth Sample Tracking site set up so Riders and Viewers can see how the event will be watched and tracked from all over the world.  You can also find it under the “About” Link in the Navagation Bar


Update 10-25-11

ION Earth, The company who is supplying the location transponders for our event, has set up a “Sample Site” for the Alaskan Wet Dog Race to demonstrate how the world will be watching and tracking each and every racers during the course of the event. Here is the link to our Sample Tracking Site.  Thank you Jerry Miller with ION Earth for helping set this up.

Here is a link to that “Sample Site”

When you look at this site, the “Green Blips” represent Participants

The “White Dots” are Checkpoints.

Participants and Checkpoints are also listed in the Left side Bar.

If you looking for a person on the map, you only need to click on their name in the side bar and it will take you to their position on the map. If you Mouse over the Green Blips, a small window will pop up that will have the participants information such as Name, Speed , Location, # of miles Traveled, and MOST IMPORTANTLY it will list out all of the Participants Sponsors”.

Please keep in mind it may take a few moments for the transponder links to show up depending on how fast your internet connection is so be patient after you click and the “Green Blips” will appear as the map refreshes itself.


Update 10-15-11

We all made it back from Lake Havasu City where we had a great time and met alot of awesome folks from around the world. We met racers from 37 countries and 27 states and the excitment from everyone is amazing.

We would like to thank the ION Earth team for helping set up the Location transponder site so we could show everyone how the tracking system will work during the race.  We will post that link here on our site shortly as soon as we catch up from being gone for a two months.

Thank you to everyone who showed up at our booth and we will have pictures and updates posted very soon. We are also working on a way to be able to show our videos on the Ipads and Iphones so bear with us if that is how you are logging in to the the site.


Keep checking back.


Update: 9-28-11

The Alaskan Wet Dog Race Staff will be in Lake Havasu City, Arizona from 10-1-11 through 10-9-11 for the IJSBA Quakey Sense 30th World Finals PWC Races.  See their website here for more information on the World Final Races.

Come by and meet the staff and check out the information we have on The Alaskan Wet Dog Race.  We look forward to seeing you all there.


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