The Alaskan Wet Dog Race

The Worlds Longest Personal Watercraft Race


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Checkpoints, Layovers, and Their Operation

1. All team participants must check in with Checkpoint Officials at all checkpoints.

2. The Checkpoint Officials will record teams in and out times. One team member must sign at each checkpoint .

3. Layover cards will be issued to each race team; the card is for the team’s protection in the event that they disagree with the information from the checkpoints. Drivers must have the Checkpoint Officials initial layover cards. Also, all turned in damaged parts must be noted on the layover card.

4. Layovers for all race class participants from Starting Line in Whittier to Kodiak.

a. Total required layover time of 32 hours. There will be a minimum of 8 hours at any location with a minimum of 3 locations.

b. All layovers must be taken before leaving Kodiak.

c. The last available layover location is Kodiak.

•  Layovers for race class participants traveling from Kodiak to Iliamna.

a. Total required layover time of 32 hours. There will be a minimum of 8 hours at any location with a minimum of 3 locations.

b. All layovers must be completed before leaving Naknek.

c. The last place to make up for the layovers is going to be Naknek.

6. When the first place Big Dog Class team arrives in Naknek, the Race Marshal may designate a mandatory “off-the clock” layover at his discretion to assure a daylight finish in Iliamna. Each team arriving in Naknek after the first place race class team will be delayed the same amount of time as the first place team into Naknek.

7. The designated impound area is outdoors. Once a Watercraft is impounded for a layover, the Watercraft is considered “off the clock” and is off-limits to everyone. Checkpoint Officials will tend to and protect the impounded Watercrafts. Use of electricity to keep Watercrafts warm is prohibited. Remote starting devices are prohibited.

8. Once in Naknek, no work on the Watercrafts will be done “off-the-clock” with the following exceptions:

a. Each team will be allowed one 15-minute machine inspection “off-the-clock” during the layover period. Nothing can be removed from the sled. Opening the engine compartment is permitted. Touch but do NOT remove anything,

(b. One time only, a race team may work on their impounded machines.( (Under review)

c. “On-the-clock” repairs will be timed by the minute.

d. Total responsibility for enforcement will be by the authorized Race Director in Naknek

e. After the team completes its “on-the-clock” work, the remaining amount of the mandatory layover time must be completed before the team may leave Kodiak. (Example: Team A arrives in Kodiak at 1:00 a.m., takes 14 hours of rest, begins to work on their machines at 3:00 p.m., works on machines for 14 minutes, goes back off-the-clock at 3:14 p.m. – they can depart Kodiak at 5:14 p.m. the next day after 26 hours of additional rest time.)

10. It is mandatory that both team race participants and their Watercrafts check into and out of each checkpoint together. The last team race participant to check in will determine the team’s official time.

11. A race team may arrive at a checkpoint being towed by an active Big Dog racer except at the finish line where only a teammate may tow their race partner across the finish line.

12. Race class participants cannot leave a checkpoint and resume the race under tow.

13. Safety equipment removed from a Watercraft at a checkpoint by a participating racer will be done “on-the-clock” and prior to the time start of any layover. Installing bags or gear on any race Watercraft after a layover shall also be done “on-the-clock”. In Kodiak only, will each team be allowed to remove and reinstall their bags “off the clock”.

14. Checkpoint Officials are not allowed to leave a checkpoint to take fuel to a participant on the route.

15. All participants will reduce their pace to a safe speed as they approach and proceed through all checkpoints. Riders will obey all local regulations of no wake zones. Riders face disqualification for not obeying “No Wake zones”.

16. All participating Big Dog class teams must arrive in Iliamna within 72 hours of the first place team. Any race class team(s) that does not arrive into Iliamna within the required time limit finishes as a Puppy Dog Class participant in Iliamna.

17. All finishing Watercrafts must remain in the impound area until released by the Race Director.

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